Postdoctoral Research fellow

We are currently seeking a postdoctoral research fellow for Bioengineering and Optogenetics. Our lab designs and applies light sensitive proteins for the non-invasive monitoring and control of cells. We are studying structure/function relationships of proteins and change biophysical features by mutagenesis to optimize the passive detection as well as the active control of biochemical signals by light. Furthermore, we apply these tools to examine the underlying mechanisms of neurological diseases. We focus on applications in neuroscience, but we are also expanding these optogenetic approaches into other cell types and tissues such as cardiomyocytes, pancreas and stem cells.

Candidates should have a strong background in molecular biology and be familiar with cell physiology, fluorescent microscopy, and histology. Experiences in electrophysiology, neuroscience, 2-Photon microscopy, calcium imaging, genetic disease models, or computational data analysis (Matlab, Python etc.) are a plus. The candidate should have an interest in working with customized electronic, optical and mechanical equipment.

Interested candidates can send their CV and the contact information for three references to

graduate students

We offer intriguing research projects for students who are enrolled in any life science, medical or engineering program at the University of Washington. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of our lab, our projects cover applied, basic and theoretical research. Furthermore, we are collaborating with labs at the UW and ISCRM which offer additional opportunities for training and colloborative research efforts.   

Undergraduate Students

UW students who are interested to volunteer, please contact